Prescription Roasting | Our Story

The Prescription Roasting crew having a classic coffee hang.

The coffee hang is the purest form of friendship.

Prescription Roasting was started by three friends from Cal Poly.

After heading our separate ways post-graduation, we realized the absolute best part of every time the gang would reconnect were those hours spent around the kitchen table sipping coffee. We've been chasing that high ever since.

Are there easier businesses to start? Of course. But we already came up with the name so our hands were tied. 

Our goals at Prescription Roasting are simple. 
1) Capture the spirit of sitting around a kitchen table drinking coffee with your best buds in every batch of coffee we roast.

2) Offer freshly roasted coffee, responsibly sourced, while keeping an eye on our future planet.

3) Have as much fun as possible while fulfilling goals 1 and 2.

Text us. Let's hang out.