Prescription Roasting + Tahoe Food Hub || COFFEE GROWLERS


Coffee bags are trash. Save money. Save the planet.

Say hello to our coffee growler exchange program, where you save the planet with your morning coffee.

We have partnered with the Tahoe Food Hub and Planetary Design to ensure you have the freshest coffee possible without any bag to throw away. The Airscape's patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavor.


Step 1: Order your FILLED GROWLER Airscape canister online at Tahoe Food Hub's 'Harvest to Order' filled with 16oz of Roaster's Choice whole bean coffee

Step 2: When you're running low, place an order for GROWLER REFILL online at Harvest To Order

Step 3: Bring your empty growler to the Tahoe Food Hub to exchange for a growler filled with whole bean coffee.
Step 4: Enjoy fresh coffee daily without the guilt of throwing out a bag every week.
Repeat steps 2-4. 

Don't sweat if you don't live in Truckee. We're still happy to ship you coffee until you decide to move to our neighborhood.