The Golden Ratio: How To Achieve The Ideal Coffee To Water Ratio For A Delicious Cup Of Coffee

sniffing super good coffee with the golden ratio

The Golden Ratio of coffee to water is one of the key factors is getting a perfect cup of coffee.


Your perfect ratio can depend on personal preference, but generally speaking, the ratio will fall somewhere between 1:16 and 1:18 coffee to water.

For us, a typical morning for two on the drip coffee is 55 grams of coffee to 990 grams of water for an 8 cup pot. 


The ratio affects the flavor, strength, and overall taste of the coffee.

This is a Goldilocks situation. You want to get that ratio juuuust right.

If you're heavy on coffee, it can taste too strong or bitter. If you're a volume drinker and have too much water, your cup can taste weak or watered down.

If you nail the ratio and your coffee still sucks, you need better coffee.

Use A Scale: Kitchen scales are cheap, useful, and the best way to ensure you consistently hit that golden ratio to get the right flavor balance, strength, and body in your cup.  

Use Good Coffee: Fresh, high quality beans are critical to a good cup. SHOP COFFEE

Brew Temp: 195 - 205f is perfect. If you bring your kettle to a boil, let it cool for a minute or two before you brew to nail the temp. 
    For the final, most important part of the perfect cup of coffee, check out our How To Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee blog.

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