OUT OF OFFICE: Our Signature Blend

Your emails can wait.

Let's start the weekend a day early.

Introducing the OUT OF OFFICE Blend.

Few things top the satisfaction of setting up those automatic replies and hitting the road for a long weekend.

We're pumped to share this one with you. It's the perfect blend of all our faves.

truckee river out of office blend prescription roasting

The coffee.

OUT OF OFFICE combines the best of everything we offer in one perfect cup.

The base of the cup comes from Locals SZN (Peru). It brings that dark chocolate and brown sugar wrapping you in a warm blanket.

We layered in Dawn Patrol (Guatemala) on the mid-palate to bring out the red fruit and almonds flavors.

And brightened it up with the beautiful citrus notes from Bluebird (Ethiopia).

We took our three single origins, which we love on their own, and blended them into something completely different and delicious...and perfect.

The coffee is a vibe and we're ridiculously into it.

camper trip pour over prescription roasting coffee


Prescription Roasting was built on the foundation of hitting the road on a Friday because we couldn't wait to start the hang with our buds. We got tired of rolling in at 10 pm and started making custom 3-day weekends.

Once you get to a certain point in life you realize the point of vacation time is to use it.

Don't save it for the big trip you might never take. Use it to make the most of those small trips with no agendas and lonnnng coffee hangs. 


out of office blend prescription roasting


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