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What should I get them for Christmas?

We get it. The holidays can be stressful to navigate. You want to be thoughtful and intentional with gift giving but also have a million other things going on so you can't be that thoughtful. 

Meet the gift guide. A little something for the people you care most about. 


GOOD FOR: Your boyfriend who appreciates the finer things, moms in charge of ski families, or for the person in the mirror (you deserve it).

12 oz of Powder Day Blend + Powder Day Mug for $25. SHOP SURVIVAL PACK


GOOD FOR: An old coworker you used to tell every detail of your life to but haven't seen in a while. (Nothing beats the camaraderie of mutually killing time).

Includes our fun-loving winter blend, Powder Day, and the two single origin components that combine to make it (Bluebird and Locals SZN).

Add a Powder Day Diner Mug to your order for $6 using the code SNOW SHOP WINTER TRIAGE


7 bag bundle

GOOD FOR: Dropping a little something extra in everyone's gift, adult children home for Christmas, babysitter, or a friend from work.

Plus the satisfaction of knowing you're getting the people you care about something fun, cool, and delicious.

Includes a mix of Bluebird, Locals Szn, Dawn Patrol, Out of Office, and Powder Day.

7 bags for $100SHOP 7-BAG BUNDLE 

THE FILLED AIRSCAPE - $47 (1lb) / $77 (2.5lb)

GOOD FOR: Your uncle who fancies themself a connoisseur of coffee, that friend who recognizes quality.

The Airscape is the perfect solution for someone who loves fresh coffee and has amazing taste in sexy matte white or black canisters. 

The original Airscape® stainless steel coffee and food storage canister with patented lid actively removes and locks out air to preserve and protect freshness and flavor of your Prescription Roasting Coffees.

A medium airscape filled with one pound of whole beans is $47. A large airscape filled with 2.5 pounds of whole beans is $77.50. SHOP AIRSCAPES


GOOD FOR: Your kid's favorite teacher, sassy aunt, mom who worries too much.

We're not saying it is a good idea to buy your friendship; but buying a friend you already have incredible coffee for a few months?

That's the move. Be a hero.

The gift subscription is 3 shipments of two 12 oz bags for $99. SHOP GIFT SUBSCRIPTION


GOOD FOR: Your buds from high school who you haven't seen in a while but know you better than anyone.

With the friends bundle you get 2 bags of Prescription Roasting coffee and 2 LOCALS SZN diner mugs to distribute as you see fit, for $50.

Our thought was you keep a bag and a mug for yourself and give the others away as a perfect "Just thinking of you" gift. But you can just as easily keep them all for yourself. It is highly unlikely we'll follow up. SHOP FRIENDS BUNDLE


GOOD FOR: A mentor you respect, a spouse who deserves it, an uncle who is impossible to shop for.

Variety is the spice of life. 12 oz each of our single origin coffees from Ethiopia, Peru, and Guatemala ought to do the trick for the coffee lover in your life. SHOP SINGLE ORIGIN TRIAGE


GOOD FOR: Friends from college, out-of-town cousins with babies, neighbor who shares their lemons with you.

The Prescription Roasting Gift Card transforms your Aunt's morning routine into a life of luxury and they'll have you to thank for it.

You don't need to worry about supply chain issues with this bad boy.

We'll just email it. SHOP GIFT CARDS

The holidays are tough. Don't overthink it. Everyone loves coffee. 

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