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What is Locals SZN?

We are going to attempt to explain the reason behind the name of our popular Peru single origin coffee, Locals SZN. But feel free to write your own definition, we won't judge.

Locals SZN, or local’s season, was derived more from a feeling than a specific season. Simply put, it's those in between times when the tourists go home and we have it all to ourselvesBeing local has nothing to do with your address, it's about being in the know. You're in on the best spots and you don't need to ask for directions. 

When you live in desirable destinations like Templeton, Livermore, and Truckee you spend a lot of time dodging crowds and hiding from the carloads of tourists that visit year-round. You learn to forego your favorite swimming hole, powder stash, or singletrack until the visitation subsides. 

The best coffee in Truckee is found at the trailhead, with not a soul in sight. (At least that's my opinion)

Whether you’re a local or just a savvy weekend warrior, we all look forward to those weeks in between the next holiday rush or travel season to just kick back and savor the empty docks, beaches, and trails until the next drove of visitors come to town. So we at Prescription Roasting wanted to honor that feeling with a delicious coffee sourced from fair trade, organic coffee beans from the farms of northern Peru. Locals SZN captures notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar to be enjoyed in the company of our desolate surroundings.

Wondering how to keep coffee fresh, even in the backcountry? Check out our branded Airscape Storage Canisters. And we'll throw in 16oz of beans for the price of 12oz if you order one filled.

Coffee has a nostalgic effect of linking you back to fond memories, so make sure to grab your Prescription Roasting Locals SZN mug, brew up a cup of Locals SZN coffee, and breathe in those memories.

This post was written during the heart of LOCALS SZN along the John Muir Trail overlooking the Tuolumne River. 

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